Summary: was created to represent and share our passion for Food N Wine!


Vision: with your help, to become a successful blog with a big following and a wide audience!


Mission: To inform, inspire and entertain public about Food n Wine, to eat food and drink wine better and more sensibly, as well as to learn new things and enjoy the adventures with us along the way!


Our Blog:

The foods featured are rather random in selection, and can feature anything from the classic American Cuisines to Asian foods, and some of the classics around the world.  Many will be home cooked, some will be purchased at restaurants. Our intention is that some of the foods and dishes will be traditional in nature, some will be contemporary, and some will be experimental. Some dishes/postings will be stand-alone, while others will be variations of a same dish, or in a series (as in “Steak series” for example), each new posting with updates and differences in either cooking techniques, or modification or variations of recipes and ingredients and/or side dishes and their combination.

Many wines featured here represent our sensible approach to wine buying and consumption. Our philosophy is that, with some education and exposure, many more people can and will be able to appreciate and enjoy more of the many delightful wines as better informed wine consumers, whether the wine is from the great vineyards of California, or from other countries and regions around the globe, enjoyed with or without food.

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