Silver Mile 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon


by Phillip Koh


A high-quality California Cab that is significantly better in quality than your average $12-14 pricetag. This is a real treat for any California Cab Lovers, and big bonus is that you won‚Äôt need to be rich to enjoy this one! ūüôā

Wine Profile:

Name / Label: Silver Mile

Classification: Red wine

Grape/wine type(s): Cabernet Sauvignon

Company: Lot 18

Appellation: Paso Robles, Central Coast, California

Alcohol: 13.5%

Price: $13


Dark black cherry deep purple and red dense in color


Black fruit smell right off the bat.  Ripe / almost mature aromas. a hint of spices  and after a moment of vigorous swirling aeration it really opened up the full and deep bouquet to the nose. Black  currant, not as spicy or heavy as Syrah but still some spiciness rounded out by tannin and fruit and skin smell. Toast, baking spices, off dry, young to medium old oak/wood smell. Deeper sniffing reveals licorice, and vibrant and juicy red fruits underneath the black fruits not a lot of tannin in the smell.


First Tasting: (near room temperature):  First impression was bright acidity, sour cherry, black cherry,  tart, quick astringent, velvet fine coating in the mouth.  Very nice. Warm baking spices,  warm in the back of the mouth. Very fine in texture and juicy plum/apricot undertone is very nice. Lingering and faint sweet plum flavor finish with warmth and baking spices in the throat. Juicy and exceptionally clean but still have a nice body to it. Not big and bold, not tons of tannin but the astringency is there especially in the beginning after the sip but loses it as the plumminess remains as aftertaste and not astringency.   Vanilla, clean young oak barrel, mineral like pencil lead, and rich garden soil, dried Italian herbs. High acid content but very well rounded out by earth, oak and juicy fruit.    Off dry not exactly dry but not exactly sweet either.

Rich and juicy wine that is sure to delight those who have sophisticated tastebud or a discerning taste. What is so impressive about this wine is the quality per dollar which is very high. Makes a nice statement for Paso Robles California appellations where the wine is from.

Second tasting after being moderately chilled in the fridge:

Very nice and tasty even when cooled significantly. Tart and a bit bitter, Tannins become very prominent quickly after a just a few short sips.  Very slight taste of very ripe plum lingering finish after tannin taste has disappeared. Coffee. Wet soil / garden. Lots of earth, medium-high fruit, medium-high acidity, soft, off-dry, ripeness balanced out /rounded-out by acidity. Plum/dried apricot.  Light on astringency, soft like pinot noir plus layers of bouquet and black fruit.  A bit of nutmeg, cocoa powder.  Later in the pallet develops Red tart apples, and slightly sweeter (like fuji) apples. lots of red fruits as well as raspberry and and strawberry.

Medium to medium-high alcohol as its somewhat warm in the throat.  Sweeter plum finish

Clay pot and mineral is strong in this one. It hits you at first from the beginning. The sweetness releases a bit after the initial clat pot / potting soil set a thick tannic film in the mouth a nice velvety coat that is full of flavor. Other than the tannin there is a juicy undercurrent that is perfect balance to the heavy hitting tannin in the mouth. I would say this is, one of the fine example of what a California Cabernet should or could be at a reasonable price point.

Food Pairing:

Would pair beautifully with grilled Ribeye Steak, or roasted or braised pork. But any type of beef steak would be good. Would also pair well with grilled lamb. medium body cheese like cheddar.’s Ratings:

2013 Silver Mile Cabernet Sauvignon has our Solid Recommendation.

4.25 out of 5 for Quality

4.25 out of 5 for Value (Quality Per Dollar)



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