It’s the Holiday Season, and it’s one time of the year that I look forward to sharing food and wine with family and friends, and it’s also the time of the year during which people that normally don’t drink wine get to try it or enjoy it just because there are more of them consumed around this time. I know many people don’t really drink wine: a lot of them don’t do it because they don’t know what a good wine is, or they think it’s too snooty for them or their image (or they hate the rich people lol), or they assume good wines are expensive. A lot of them seemed to have only tasted some real bad / cheap stuff, and then they judge the entire idea of wine and its thousands of years of history on that one shitty experience. I am sorry but if the only thing you ever drank was a 5 dollar wine that has been sitting out on the table for the last 2 days,  then yeah, I wouldn’t like wine too much either if I was them.
Let me make this clear for those who have no idea about wine: you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg for you to purchase and enjoy wine.  I usually drink wine that are anywhere from 8-15 dollar range, and most of them fall in line around $9-12 range.  Because I buy most of my wine from a warehouse club such as Costco, Sam’s Club or BJ’s, depending on which membership(s) I have for the time being, the actual range for those who don’t shop at warehouse clubs will correspond closer to $10-15 on wines at a normal, non-membership only stores to get the same kind of wine that I enjoy. Still not too bad.
Here are some wine ideas, who want to complete their Holiday meals with wine, but don’t want to spend $30 on a bottle that no one at the table really understands the value of.  You still don’t want to crack open your $5 bottle of Moscato on Christmas (I mean you can, but I don’t recommend it) , so how do you solve this dilemma?  Although this is not a comprehensive list, far from it. Here are a few recommendations you can choose from
1.       Bogle brand wines. In the picture it’s chardonnay as that is the only one I have at the moment, but Bogle brands is the best $10 wine you will ever taste.  Definitely one of them.  I highly recommend trying out the wine that made them famous, put them on the map, which is Petite Syrah, and it’s a red wine.  Their Old Vine Zinfandel is very good also, and they are a couple bucks more, it’s totally worth it. In fact, I would personally have no problem having that around any family table, unless I am sitting in a table full of wine snobs LOL.  I personally bring/open a more special wine during holidays, but I’ll mix these in as the second or the third bottle (and even the first) any day.
2.       The Seven Deadly Zins – very juicy and delicious wine from central valley / cost of California. It’s something like $12-13 at the warehouse clubs and closer to $15-17 at a regular store.  I consider this more of a fancy category (but obviously not too fancy) These are made of old vine zinfandel grapes and they are one of my go-to wines when I want something juicy, not so dry and nice without spending an arm and a leg.
3.       Rodney Strong – Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma County.  This is one of my favorite wines. They are not like spectacular, but I have been a big fan of Rodney Strong wines for close to 20 years, they are very unique, signature taste to it, a bit velvety texture, it’s beautiful, masculine without being overwhelmingly powerful, just a delightful wine for people of taste.  Don’t expect a super high quality though, this is under $20, I would say most people would be able to buy this around $15-17 range, although I imagine you can pay as much as $20 at a regular liquor store
4.       Gascon – beautiful Malbec wine from famous Mendoza region of Argentina.  A fine wine at a regular men and women price.  You can find it at Sam’s Club right now, I forgot how much it was, I think around $12, but this taste like a $20 wine for sure.  If you wanna impress your friends on your wine knowledge, you can buy this, it tastes good. Note that Malbec wine isn’t too beginner / novice friendly. But this wine drinks pretty easy, for Malbec.  Try it if you are not familiar with Malbec.
5.       Dreaming Tree – Crush.   This is a red blend from California, mostly I believe from the Monterey area. This winery was started and owned (I think co-owned) by Dave Matthews from the Dave Matthews band. Although I think it’s a cool fact, that’s not why I really love this wine (the connection to Dave Matthews is a really cool one though lol).  This is a quintessential Northern coast flavor,  it kind of is in the fine wine territory without the snobby price. This isn’t really a cheap wine though,  most would be able to find them around $15 give and take a couple bucks.
There you go, these are some random but a few of the wines you can pick from for the holidays. I guess since today is Thanksgiving day, it’s too late for today, but Holiday season is kicking up only beginning so happy wine shopping everyone!    Please click the share button to share on your facebook or twitter, or even linked in! (see below icons)  have a great day, and Happy Thanksgiving!



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